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    The NEW CarDAQ®-Pro

    The NEW CarDAQ®-Pro from Opus IVS™ builds on the Opus IVS company Drew Technologies’ legacy of leadership in J2534 pass-thru technology for diagnostics, remote programming, security functions and branded technical support for independent repair shops and OEM Dealerships.

    As the ultimate multi-OEM solution for these functions, the NEW CarDAQ-Pro levels the playing field for shops by making it easy to complete complex repairs for MORE vehicle brands – either direct J2534 access to Right to Repair OEM diagnostics and programming applications or via RAP Remote Assisted Programming service – to help avoid subletting, delays and margin loss.

    CarDAQ Pro
    CarDAQ Pro 360

    Leave the Hassle and Risk to Us.
    No OEM Subscriptions Required!

    NEW CarDAQ-Pro is an all-in-one pass-thru device for multiple vehicle brands with everything independent repair shops need to get the job done on a DIY basis or they can leave it to us!  

    • Shop owners may use their own OEM subscriptions to employ NEW CarDAQ-Pro as a J2534 pass-thru device or, use your time wisely by opting to use it like a RAP Kit in which Opus IVS does the programming for them using our OEM subscriptions with guaranteed success
    • You have the option to access live diagnostics assistance for any repair, including non-programming requirements, through IVS 360™ Support – our team of 100+ brand-specific Dealer Master Techs with full access to OEM applications while the vehicle is in your shop 

    NEW CarDAQ™-Pro Has You Covered

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    J2534 Pass-Thru  

    • Latest J2534 pass-thru protocols such as DoIP and Can FD to enable OEM diagnostics and reprogramming application across multiple vehicle brands using a single device
    • Toolbox3 is your all-in-one source for OEM application descriptions, video tutorials and the latest in J2534 news
    • Access to OEM key codes, PIN numbers and immobilizer reset information to enable locksmith and vehicle security functionality for multiple brands in-house (NASTF credentials may be required)
    • Remote technical support is staffed by experts who know vehicle repair on the toughest J2534 pass-thru issues
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    Or, We'll Reprogram it for You

    We can do it all for the independent shop owner. Just schedule a reprogramming event, connect to the vehicle and we’ll let you know when the reprogramming is complete.  Success is guaranteed!
    • Built-in OEM software – no subscriptions required
    • Coverage for BMW, Hyundai/Kia, FCA, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Honda/Acura and Toyota/Lexus/Scion
    • Opus IVS takes the risk – not the shop owner!