DriveProTM Remote



Want The Best? Be The Best With DrivePro Remote Unlimited.

DrivePro is a professional-grade service platform that helps technicians solve complex repair problems faster and increase billable hours, utilizing OEM and aftermarket software, remote programming and second-to-none unlimited expert technical support. Opus IVS has merged the technologies of industry leaders AutoEnginuity, AutoLogic, Drew Technologies, and BlueLink, providing you a professional grade diagnostic platform with unlimited remote technical support from OEM brand expert technicians.  Remote services include IVS360 technical support, OEM scan tool software,  and J2534 ECU programming. RAP (Remote Assisted Programming) capabilities are available on a pay-per-use basis.


  • Support and Services
  • Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Programming
  • Unlimited Support


  • Save Time
  • Raise Technician Capabilities
  • Reduce Subletting

Which Tool Do You Need?



DriveProTM Remote Unlimited

$5,995.00Add to cart


  • Retail: $5,995
  • Subscription: $299/mon
  • OEM Diagnostic Software
  • IVS Repair
  • IVS Legacy/Autologic
  • Included UNLIMITED: IVS 360 – Master Technician Support
  • Handles for ergonomic holding
  • RAP (Remote Assisted Programming) – Pay-Per-Use $$




$2,495.00Add to cart


  • Retail: $2,495
  • Subscription: $99/mon
  • 20% Off All Pay-Per-Use Services
  • RAP (Remote Assisted Programming) – Pay-Per-Use $$
  • IVS 360 Support: Pay-Per-Use $$
  • OEM Diagnostic Software
  • IVS Repair

UNLIMITED Technical Support

Speak with our brand-specific Master Technicians regarding any question from the common FAQ to that puzzler that has you stuck. With your active monthly subscription, you can use IVS360 an unlimited amount of times on an unlimited amount of vehicles.

Saving Time and Money

DrivePro Remote Unlimited combines all the features and needs shops have been asking for. Time = money and this is where DrivePro Remote Unlimited can help you save both. Skip sending work to the dealer and keep money in house.

Dedicated Account Management

Opus IVS believes customers should be put first. With our dedicated account management team, you can skip “the spiel” and speak to a live person who knows you, your shop, and the products/services you have – every time you call in.

All Makes. All Models.

Since your customers are the very best, use the very best! The DrivePro Remote Unlimited works with all makes and models, covering most years from the Flinstones to the Jetsons.

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