Season 1

Collision Is Hard


Why you should listen

If running your collision shop is a breeze or your already a highly successful collision professional, then this podcast is not for you.   If you’d like to learn how to advance your career in collision, solve for the technician shortage and get your insurance reimbursement issues under control,  you’ll want to listen in.  Our guests are deeply experienced Collision experts, who have seen it all, and lived to tell about it.

Welcome to the COLLISION IS HARD podcast, presented by Opus IVS

During the first ever episode of the Collision is Hard Podcast, Shane and Jeff discusses how to approach personal success in a Collision shop.  From training to focusing on teams, this episode helps everyone be more effective in their shop.

In episode 2, Jeff and Shane talk about how to approach starting and growing a career in collision. From there they talk about how important first impressions are for both customers and shops, and they also talk about how shops can embrace technology that makes their job easier.

In episode 3, we’ll explore the sometimes complicated technology that today’s mechanics deal with. Join us to uncover the secrets behind the machines that keep us moving and explore the innovative tools and techniques used by techs in the field.

Unlock the secrets to mastering the art of insurance claim repair in the collision industry with precision and profitability. Shane, the Area Vice President of a Southeast collision center, joins us in episode 4 to dissect the complexities of working with insurance companies.

Shane shares his strategies for technician training and retention. Our candid conversation traverses the landscape of apprenticeship programs, demonstrating how these initiatives can outshine conventional educational pathways by combining the wisdom of experienced mentors with hands-on learning. 

What if the tools you’re using for auto repair today could be completely obsolete in just a few years? Join us as we sit down with Shane, an Area Vice President at a Southeast collision center, to uncover the technological advancements transforming the auto repair industry.