Collision’s Biggest Money Saver


DriveSafe – What is It?

Unlock the future of collision repairs with DriveSafe: a cutting-edge platform that integrates fast and accurate IVS Scan, expert-assisted OE scan, and required ADAS calibrations with CCC integration, ensuring precise repair planning, reduced cycle times, and higher profits. Based on hundreds of thousands of phone calls, Opus IVS has learned that most collision shops have four or more different scan tools that DriveSafe combines into one device. 

In addition to access to both multibrand and dealership-level software for over 40 manufacturers, DriveSafe also comes with pre-installed CCC integration. You can write your estimate car-side as well as upload photos, notes, and other information into your CCC portal in real-time from the tool. One button push – sent! 


  • Fast and Accurate Scans
  • CCC Integration
  • Expert Assisted OE Scan
  • Required ADAS Calibrations


  • Precise Repair Planning
  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Higher Profits


Not everyone is a DIYer. Unlike competitors, Opus IVS values customer service and believes each shop should have a live walk-through of their new DriveSafe. Using your DriveSafe and a vehicle in shop, a step-by-step live walk-through is provided by one of the members from the Opus onboarding team. They can answer many questions, and if they don’t know the answer, they will transfer you to technical support, which comes FREE with your DriveSafe purchase.

Technical Support

Have questions? Get all the tech-related questions answered for FREE with DriveSafe. We will walk you through different services and address common issues. Need the help of our Master Technicians? IVS 360 is available on a pay-per-use basis if an Opus IVS OE Master Technician needs to remote in and do the service for the shop.

CCC Integration

Having multiple tools, multiple platforms, and multiple steps can be a real hassle. DriveSafe eliminates these with its platform and with pre-installed CCC integration. The CCC portal on the device has the capability to upload any photos or documentation for each specific vehicle. Best part – upload to the portal with the click of a button.

Dedicated Account Management

Ever get tired of being bounced around from rep to rep to manager to *click*? Opus IVS has dedicated account managers that are in charge of specific accounts in specific areas. Any compliments, complaints, or issues can be discussed with one person who knows you, your shop, and the details of your account.

Why Purchase A One-Stop-Shop For Your Shop?

How Can This Tool Help My Shop Make Money?
DriveSafe works with DRP – Direct Repair Program – and with a variety of car insurance carriers.

Long turn-around times? No longer a problem! DriveSafe helps prevent subletting to mobile mechanics or dealerships.

Here’s a not-so-secret – you can send out invoices IMMEDIATELY! Quick invoices means getting paid faster, typically.

Want To Make Even More Money? Yes Please!
You Get Money – We Get Money! The DriveSafe is built on a revenue-share model. No additional work is done on your part. Opus IVS prepares and sends all documentation. That’s a WIN/WIN!

One More Bonus Feature…
Is that after-market tool causing vehicle lockouts?  You’ll waste time and money and increase customer frustration by not being able to get into the vehicle. That won’t happen with DriveSafe — it’s pre-installed with OE dealership software.

One Price? One Price.
For pre and post scanning, IVS Maps, ability to clear codes, etc. are all BUNDLED TOGETHER, BILLED TOGETHER per VIN, unlike other companies

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