Live Diagnostics That Fit Your Budget


The No Frills, Pay-Per-Use, Budget-Friendly Option for Your Shop!

Repairs can be costly. Diagnostics shouldn’t be. Use technical services when you need them at an exclusive savings rather than bundled, pre-paid packages.

LivePro is a professional-grade service platform that helps technicians solve complex repair problems faster and increase billable hours, utilizing OEM and aftermarket software, remote programming and second-to-none expert support. The LivePro includes award-winning scan tool coverage with remote assisted J2534 ECU programming, remote OEM scan tool software, and IVS360 master technician support.

The LivePro remote support model has OEM brand experts available to decrease your diagnostic time and your repair time, resulting in quicker vehicle turnaround and a more accurate repair. Complex programming, calibration, and initialization procedures can be completed live, on-vehicle, in your service bay, and are all pay-per-use. No additional training is required and you are operational immediately.


  • Support and Services
  • Diagnostic Capabilities Programming
  • Pay-Per-Use Live Services


  • Save Time
  • Raise Technician Capabilities
  • Reduce Subletting

Which Tool Do You Need?



DriveProTM Remote Unlimited



  • Retail: $5,995
  • Subscription: $299/mon
  • OEM Diagnostic Software
  • IVS Repair
  • IVS Legacy/Autologic
  • Included UNLIMITED: IVS 360 – Master Technician Support
  • Handles for ergonomic holding
  • RAP (Remote Assisted Programming) – Pay-Per-Use $$






  • Retail: $2,495
  • Subscription: $99/mon
  • 20% Off All Pay-Per-Use Services
  • RAP (Remote Assisted Programming) – Pay-Per-Use $$
  • IVS 360 Support: Pay-Per-Use $$
  • OEM Diagnostic Software
  • IVS Repair

Technical Support With Savings

Speak with our Master Technicians regarding any pass-thru question or need. The IVS360 team is available on a pay-per-use basis at an exclusive discount.


Many customers are left with a choice of a basic tool or the cream-of-the-crop, expensive platform. While Opus IVS sells the top-of-the-line diagnostic platform, we also understand this isn’t for every shop. LivePro is a mid-range diagnostic platform with technical services at the ready on a pay-per-use basis.

Availability of Services

Getting a diagnostic tool isn’t difficult. Difficulty comes when you are stumped with a complex problem or when time runs out to do a programming yourself. LivePro offers a diagnostic platform with technical services at your disposal.

Program Multiple Vehicle Makes

LivePro has Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) services on a pay-per-use basis. This gives you access to program vehicles without sending them to the dealership.

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