VIN-Specific ADAS System, Location and Calibration Identification and OE Repair Procedures & More

How Does ADAS Map Work?

Automated ADAS and Calibration Report Pushed to Estimator, Repair Planner, Calibration Providers and Others and the CCCOne Attachments File


  • Automated estimate & RO scrubbing
  • Integration with CCC, Mitchell & ALLDATA
  • Industry’s most comprehensive ADAS database
  • Detailed reporting


  • Reduce research time/improve estimate and repair planning
  • Simplify your workflow, improve estimator/repair planner productivity
  • One place to go for ADA information and knowledge
  • Increase ADAS and calibration sales and reimbursement

Automated Estimate & RO scrubbing

Integration with CCC, Mitchell & ALLDATA

Industry's Most Comprehensive ADAS Database

Detailed Reporting

Reduce Research Time/Improve Estimate and Repair Planning

Simplify your Workflow, Improve Estimator/Repair Planner Productivity

One Place to go for ADAS Information and Knowledge

Detailed Reporting

ADAS MAP™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What year, make and model coverage does the ADAS MAP™ platform cover today?

Today ADAS MAP is designed provides coverage for most 2013 to 2023 vehicles. ADAS MAP provides coverage for most manufacturers EXCEPT Maserati and other exotic vehicles.


No. Nothing is life is perfect. Based on our third-party database providers and our own data, we expect ADAS MAP to be 85% – 95% accurate, depending on the year, make and model. It is

ADAS MAP™gets is data from multiple proprietary industry databases, ALLDATA, industry websites, YouTube and anywhere else ADAS and calibration information and knowledge is available! 

Yes, ADAS MAP™ allows a user to access OEM position statements via the Addt’l ADAS Info Tab.

Yes, ADAS MAP™ does integrate with ALLDATA. Users must already have an ALLDATA subscription.

Yes, ADAS MAP™ allows a user to access every manufacturer’s repair information website via our Addt’l ADAS Info Tab. You will need credentials to login to each OEM service information website. 

While we are not ADASthink experts we believe ADAS MAP™ is different and better for the following reasons:

  • ADAS MAP™ automatically integrates with CCC and Mitchell Cloud estimating. 
  • ADAS MAP™ auto-sends its ADAS MAP report into CCC after the CCC RO is closed. 
  • ADAS MAP™ allows users to directly access OEM Service Information sites
  • ADAS CoPilot™ Pro provides users with access to I-CAR RTS and other I-CAR information

NO. Today the ADAS MAP™ Pro platform DOES NOT ADAS data for ALL makes and models.

YES. ADAS MAP integrates with Mitchell Cloud estimating. The integration requires the shop to install a Windows service the auto-exports Mitchell BMS files. The Mitchell integration DOES NOT include auto-posting the ADAS MAP report into Mitchell. ADAS MAP reports must be manually posted into Mitchell Cloud estimating.

We recommend using the ADAS MAP™ platform during the creation of an estimate or  repair plan on a vehicle.

YES. ADAS MAP™ integrates with CCCOne and Mitchell Cloud Estimating.

As you write your CCC or Mitchell estimate/repair plan ADAS MAP™ automatically sends you a email with a link where you can access its recommendations and the ADAS recommendations report!

The ADAS MAP report ONLY automatically send the report into CCC when an estimate is designated committed and completed. Users can manually email, view, print or push the ADAS MAP report into CCC at any time through the ADAS MAP portal.

ADAS MAP sends this email when the VIN and vehicle data it receives is not enough for it select the appropriate vehicle.

Links are not designed to work in “Preview” mode. They work in a standard PDF version of the report.

Not today. Efforts are underway to integrate ADAS MAP with the OPUS diagnostic tablet.

It’s because we are using CCC’s Diagnostic API to automatically send ADAS MAP reports into CCC and it does not allow us to change the name.

This could occur due to multiple issues. First check your Junk folder. Because the ADAS MAP email is sent by an email bot, it could be directed to your junk file. Second, ensure that your shop’s VPN/firewall allows emails from ADAS MAP. Third, we recommend accessing the ADAS MAP portal, locate the ADAS MAP file and select Send Email or Send to CCC. Finally, if none of these steps work, select the Report icon and then export the report via PDF. We strongly suggest you “white label” this email address: XXXXX as this is the email address that sends shops and employees emails from ADAS MAP.

YES. ADAS MAP allows users to access OEM position statements via ADAS MAP report and the Addt’l ADAS Info tab in the ADAS MAP web portal.

NO: To benefit from ALLDATA links in ADAS MAP, users MUST have an active ALLDATA subscription.

YES. ADAS MAP integrates with CCC through CCC’s Secure Share as well as through the CCC Diagnostic API.


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  • Reduce research time
  • Optimize estimate/RO accuracy
  • Streamline your repair planning process
  • Justify reimbursements
  • Improve your company’s ADAS and calibration knowledge
  • Increase ADAS and calibration sales
  • Improve ADAS and calibration documentation