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    Volvo: Programming and Diagnostic Tools

    Tuesday August 22, 2023 7:00-8:00PM EST

    Course Description:  A dive into Volvo and the Vida software and how to program Volvo’s. Learn how to use diagnostic tools from Opus IVS that can assist you with programming these vehicles.


    Course Topic Points:

    • Intro to Vida
    • How to create your account
    • System requirements
    • How to install Vida
    • How to purchase a subscription for Vida
    • How to register your PC for Vida access
    • How to program or update a control module on Vida
    • How OPUS IVS assist with programming using RAP, DrivePro, LivePro and CarDAQ Pro devices

    Webinar Presenters:

    Henry Merino - Volvo Technician

    Henry Merino

    Master Technician

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