RAP Capabilities & Cost for Nissan/Infiniti

Disclaimer: When using RAP®, completely disconnect any aftermarket accessories including radios, alarms, sound systems, starters, etc. from the vehicle communication bus; failure to do so may cause programming failures and void our service guarantee. Please note that this program does not support programming used or salvage modules. Be sure to plug in RAP kit and turn on tablet 30 minutes prior to RAP session to ensure any available software updates are completed.


  • Updated TCM Support!

RE0F08B (JF009E) CVT1 module updating and replacement

RE0F10A (JF011E) CVT2 module updating and replacement

RE0F10B (JF011E) CVT2 (Turbo) module updating and replacement

RE0F09B (JF010E) CVT3 module updating and replacement

RE0F11A (JF015E) CVT7 module updating and replacement

RE0F10 (JF011) CVT8 module updating only

  • 2004 and newer powertrain (ECM/TCM) module updating.
  • 2005 and newer powertrain (ECM/TCM) module replacement.
  • 2005 and newer rear-wheel drive (RWD) valve body programming.
  • Nissan Valve Body/Transmission Programming:

—Due to the time required for these services, scheduling this service must be done prior to 3:30pm EST.

—Call to schedule earlier in the day to ensure same-day service!

  • Module/system examples: ECM, TCM, PCM.
  • J2534 module updating, programming & RWD valve body: $125.00 each.
  • Module calibration check: $40.00 each.

For more information about RAP, call us toll-free at 844.REFLASH (844.733.5274).

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