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    Mongoose®Pro GM2

    Part Number: MG PRO GM II

    MongoosePro® GM2 is a low-cost, high-performance reprogramming diagnostics interface for GM vehicles. It supports TIS2WEB for module reprogramming and Tech2WIN for diagnostics. MongoosePro GM2 offers a wide range of capabilities to help you grow your business and retain customers including diagnostics functions via GDS2, diagnostics functions via Tech2WIN, all module flash programming, security system programming.

    • Supports all 1996 to current GM vehicles
    • Also supports OEM Diagnostics 1996 to current GM vehicles
    • Diagnostics for powertrain, chassis, body, anti-theft, and TPMS systems with Tech2WIN
    • Reprogramming for all modules with TIS2WEB
    • Perform security key functions969

    Download our MongoosePro GM2 Sell Sheet for more information!


    Mongoose®Pro GM2