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Mongoose®-Plus VW/Audi2

Part Number: MG Plus VW2, MG Plus VW2 BT

Mongoose-Plus VW/Audi2 is a low-cost, high-performance reprogramming vehicle interface for VW and Audi vehicles designed to work with VW's ODIS dealership software for diagnostics and reprogramming. It offers a wide range of capabilities to help you grow your business and retain customers including full dealership diagnostics on 2004 model year and newer using ODIS.

  • Supports all 2004 to current vehicles
    Supports full factory diagnostics and reprogramming with ODIS
    Save money over the factory ODIS interface
  • Detachable USB cable allowing for easy field replacement 
  • BLUETOOTH wireless options available, providing wireless connectivity between your laptop and the Mongoose-Plus.

Mongoose-Plus VW/Audi2
MG Plus VW2
Mongoose-Plus VW/Audi2 with BLUETOOTH
MG Plus VW2 BT
Detachable Mongoose-Plus USB Cable