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Mongoose®-Plus Ford2

Part Number: MG Plus Ford2, MG Plus Ford2 BT


Mongoose-Plus Ford2 is a low-cost, high-performance reprogramming vehicle interface for Ford vehicles. It has been test for use with Ford. It has been validated and approved by Ford for use with Motorcraft Ford Module programming software including All module flash programming, PATS key programming, and basic diagnostics functions.


  • Supports all 1996 to current Ford vehicles
  • Validated and approved by Ford for module programming (FMP)
  • Reprogram most Ford ECM's using the FMP reprogramming application
  • Perform PATS Security Key functions
  • Detachable USB cable allowing for easy field replacement 
  • BLUETOOTH wireless options available, providing wireless connectivity between your laptop and the Mongoose-Plus.
Mongoose-Plus Ford2
(Note: Due to longer lead times beyond our control, expect item to ship by mid August 2022. You will be notified of any changes).
MG Plus Ford2
$495.00 + $50.00 surcharge*
$545.00 Total
                                         Mongoose-Plus Ford2 with BLUETOOTH                                               
(Note: Due to longer lead times beyond our control, we expect to have inventory by October 2022. You will be notified of any changes).
MG Plus Ford2 BT
$695.00 + $50.00 surcharge*
$745.00 Total
Detachable Mongoose-Plus USB Cable 
* Due to ongoing fluctuations in electronic component availability and greater costs to secure these components,
effective 7/8/22 a surcharge of $50.00 per device will be added to the Mongoose-Plus family of products.
If you have any questions, please contact us at J2534@opusivs.com or at (734) 222-5228, Opt. 1.