Opus IVS Launches “Collision is Hard” Podcast to Empower Collision Industry Professionals

Detroit, March 18, 2024 — Opus IVS, a pioneering division of the Opus Group specializing in advanced automotive solutions, announces the launch of its new podcast, “Collision is Hard”. This innovative podcast series is designed to address the pressing challenges faced by collision industry professionals, with a focus on career advancement, operational efficiency, and profitability in collision shops.

Opus IVS Collision Is Hard Logo for a Press ReleaseThe “Collision is Hard” podcast aims to tackle the leading issues facing collision shops today: navigating insurance reimbursement challenges, addressing the technician shortage, and ensuring the effective and safe service of today’s advanced vehicles. Through engaging discussions with industry veterans and experts, the podcast will offer listeners actionable insights and strategies to enhance their career prospects in the collision industry and operate their shops more efficiently and profitably.

“This podcast represents a significant step forward in our commitment to supporting the collision industry,” said Brian Herron, CEO of Opus IVS. “By sharing expert knowledge and practical solutions, we aim to empower professionals to overcome the challenges they face daily. ‘Collision is Hard’ is more than just a podcast; it’s a platform for growth, learning, and community building within the industry.”

“Collision is Hard” is available on major podcast platforms and is essential listening for anyone looking to advance their career in the collision industry or seeking to improve the operations and profitability of their shop. Join Opus IVS as they delve into the complexities of the collision industry, offering guidance, inspiration, and support to professionals at all levels.

For more information about “Collision is Hard” and to listen to the podcast, visit Opusivs.com/collision-is-hard-podcast/ and wherever podcasts are available.

Opus IVS, an Opus Group division, combines industry leaders DrewTech, Autologic, Farsight, BlueLink, Auto Techcelerators, and AutoEnginuity to create innovative automotive solutions for 65,000+ global repair shops and dealerships. Our expertise spans OEM-endorsed diagnostic tech with 100+ pending patents in remote flash programming, pre- and post-repair scanning, ADAS calibrations, and vehicle networks. Opus IVS offers remote technical support connecting shops with 100+ brand-specific Dealer Master Technicians for trouble code interpretation, OEM service procedures, and diagnostics. Part of the Opus Group with 2,900+ employees and 35 global offices, we test 35M vehicles annually for OBD compliance.


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