Opus IVS Introduces LivePro: The Cutting Edge Diagnostic Platform

Innovative diagnostic platform offers OEM-level diagnostics and “Subscribe & Save” capability on pay-per-use remote assisted services.

DETROIT, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Opus IVS, a leading provider of remote assisted services to automotive repair shops, is proud to unveil its latest breakthrough innovation – LivePro. This state-of-the-art diagnostic platform revolutionizes the automotive repair industry by offering not only OEM Level diagnostic capabilities, but also a range of remote services on an à la carte basis. LivePro provides an all-in-one solution that empowers technicians, enhances efficiency, and ensures optimal performance in automotive diagnostics.

LivePro’s most significant advantage lies in its comprehensive subscription package, which can be likened to Amazon Prime for diagnostics. With an active monthly subscription, automotive repair shops gain access to a wealth of features and benefits. As an exclusive offering, LivePro subscribers enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on all remote pay-per-use services, such as Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) and IVS360. This incredible value proposition is designed to help shops reduce costs while maximizing their diagnostic capabilities.

Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) is one of the standout services offered by LivePro. This feature enables technicians to delegate programming tasks to Opus IVS’s team of experts. By leveraging the expertise of highly skilled professionals, shops can now focus on what they do best while leaving the programming intricacies to Opus IVS. RAP provides a hassle-free solution that ensures accurate and efficient programming, saving valuable time and effort.

Furthermore, LivePro introduces IVS360, a game-changing service that grants access to live expert help from Opus IVS’s team of OEM Dealer Master Technicians. “LivePro represents a significant milestone for Opus IVS and the automotive repair industry as a whole,” said Brian Herron, President at Opus IVS. “We believe that our all-in-one diagnostic solution will empower technicians and streamline their workflows, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency. With LivePro, shops can now handle a broader range of diagnostic tasks and have peace of mind knowing that Opus IVS is there to support them.”

The LivePro platform was created to be intuitive and user-friendly, offering a seamless experience for technicians at every skill level. With its robust diagnostic capabilities and remote assisted services, LivePro truly delivers on its promise of an all-in-one solution for automotive repair shops.

To learn more about LivePro and how it can transform your automotive repair shop, visit https://www.opusivs.com/livepro.

Opus IVS is the Intelligent Vehicle Support division of Opus Group, formed through the merging of industry-leading companies DrewTech, Autologic, Farsight, BlueLink and AutoEnginuity to develop innovative automotive solutions for more than 55,000 repair shops and dealerships worldwide, giving them the confidence to get the most complex vehicles back on the road safely and efficiently. Opus IVS develops industry-leading OEM endorsed diagnostic technology with over 60 patents pending related to remote flash programming, pre- and post-repair scanning, remote technical support, ADAS calibrations and vehicle network technology. The Opus IVS remote technical support connects the shop with 100+ brand-specific Dealer Master Technicians to help interpret trouble codes, review OEM service procedures and provide diagnostic assistance directly through the tool. Opus IVS is a division of Opus Group, which has over 2,800 employees, 35 offices globally and connects to 35M vehicles per year for OBD testing.