Safety Training Required to Receive High-Voltage Vehicle Support

High-Voltage Vehicles EV Hybrid IVS 360 Support
POSTED 23 February, 2022

Safety Training Required to Receive High-Voltage Vehicle Support

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles contain potentially dangerous high-voltage components making safety the top priority when handling repairs.

As the prevalence of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road increases so does the need for vehicle maintenance and repairs. The integration of high-voltage systems makes repairing these vehicles potentially dangerous than repairing standard vehicles because it introduces the risk of electrocution. EV/Hybrid safety training prior to performing any repairs on these high-voltage vehicles is critical and cannot be over emphasized.

Opus IVS is requiring all customers to submit a certificate of completion for Hybrid/Electrical Vehicles Safety Training dated with the last 10 years in order to receive IVS 360 Support on on vehicles containing high-voltage systems. The certificate will be kept on file and referenced when a support request is submitted on a high-voltage vehicle. Only the person whose name is on the certificate will be eligible to receive support, the entire shop will not be covered by one certificate submission.

How to Get Training

Opus IVS has partnered with CTI (Carquest Technical Institute) to offer an Electric Vehicle Safety Certification Course for $50.

How to Submit your Certificate

To submit a copy of your electric/hybrid safety certificate email or attach it to your IVS 360 Support request.

Please include the name of your repair shop as well as the name of the certified technician with the certificate submission.

The technician requesting support on a high-voltage vehicle must match the name of the employee associated with the submitted certificate. If you wish to have multiple technicians in your shop with the ability to request high-voltage vehicle support a certificate must be submitted for each.