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Multi-Brand Software Update 18.3.43

Software Update Porsche DrivePro ES 18.3.43 Software Update BMW/MINI GM Family Jaguar/Land Rover Toyota/Lexus Subaru Chrysler Family Honda/Acura Hyundai/KIA Mazda Nissan/Infiniti VW/Audi
POSTED 11 December, 2020

Multi-Brand Software Update 18.3.43

BMW / MINI, Chrysler Family, GM Family, Honda / Acura, Hyundai / KIA, Jaguar / Land Rover, Mazda, Nissan / Infiniti, Porsche, VAG, Toyota / Lexus / Scion, Subaru.

18.3.43 Software Release Details:


  • Improved module identification for UDS vehicles
  • Improved module description to include variant information


  • Added 'Actual Line Pressure 1' sensor to PCM Variant 23 (i.e. Dodge Journey '12)
  • Added 'Exhaust Pressure' sensor to the PCM Variant 20 (i.e. Dodge Cummings '12)
  • Added the new ABS and Airbag ISO variant for the Dodge ProMaster '19-'20
  • Added 5.3 Liter LH6 (M) engine support for the body code 'T' '07 vehicle (i.e. GMC Envoy '07)
  • Added 'Throttle Position - Relative' sensor to the Dodge Cummins '03 (CMM845 module)
  • Added new ABS variant 48 support (i.e. Chrysler Voyager '20)


  • Added missing VIN Decode for a Saturn VUE '08
  • Added KWP2000 support for J2534 hardware (i.e. Saturn Vue '04)
  • Added GM KWP module specific VIN pulling
  • Added Fuel Composition Rest for the 2.2 Liter LE8 and 2.4 Liter LE9 '11-'09
  • Added a stand alone function test for Reductant System Malfunction Warning Service Bay Test
  • Added Misfire Cylinder 7/8 sensors for the 4.8 Liter L20 engine '09-'13
  • Added ALDL (GM UART) implementation for the J2534 Hardware
  • Data may fluctuate due to master module still talking on the bus
  • Fixed the actuation test for the Reductant System Malfunction Warning Test (i.e. Chevrolet 2500 6.6 LML '12)
  • Fixed the Secondary Air Injector System actuation for the 3.6 Liter LFX (3) engines
  • Fixed VIN decoding issue for the Chevrolet Silverado '14 
  • Fixed the system names for the "Short Range Radar Sensor" systems causing the first system to be pulled for DTCs and then bypassed for the rest (i.e. Cadillac Escalade Left/Right Front/Rear modules)
  • Updated engine code for the MY20 3.6 Liter LFX (F) engine listing
  • Improved the system test 'Network Test' overall UI update rates and test speed 
  • Fixed issue with software freezing when attempting to retrieve Enhanced Freeze Frame on CAN-based modules with a single DTC having multiple Freeze Frames

Honda / Acura

  • Fixed issue when trying to detect the ABS module on a vehicle when the module has already been successfully initialized
  • Fixed issue in the SRS CAN module where the Knee Airbag Deployment sensor wasn't being displayed
  • Fixed H-Diag communication on SRS modules for J2534 and ProLine VCI hardware
  • Fixed an issue on older Honda vehicles where we failed to pull the module's serial number for Engine and Transmission on first attempt at communicating with those systems
  • Fixed the sensor name from Camera Aiming Status to Dynamic Aiming Status in the Front Camera Module

Hyundai / Kia

  • Improved Theta II 2.4L engine DTC list


  • Finished porting all System Tests to the J2534 hardware
  • Fixed FPace TPMS not communicating because of wrong CAN addressing
  • Fixed FType R 16 - 17MY Enhanced Powertrain CAN security unlock failing 

Land Rover

  • Improved VIN model decoding for Evoque and Range Rover models
  • Finalized Evoque 20MY system coverage
  • Finished porting all System Tests to the J2534 hardware
  • Fixed J2534 MCAN connection issues for Evoque / LR4
  • Fixed J2534 29Bit controller connection issues for LR3 / Discovery models


  • Finalized Mazda3 20MY missing systems
  • Fixed Mazda6 18MY+ and CX9 18MY+ labelling of Parking Sensor Module as Passenger Seat Module

Mercedes-Benz / SMART

  • Added CLA 118 20MY chassis support
  • Added MED41 engine Control unit for C Class, CLA Class, GLE Class
  • Added Door Control Module for GLE Class, CLA Class, and Sprinter

Nissan / Infiniti

  • Fixed missing 6 Channel Gateway for QX80 18 - 19MY 


  • Added engine support for the Panamera GTS '13-'16
  • Fixed issue unlocking 992 Cluster for Service Resets
  • Updated VIN decoding for RoW
  • Implemented work around fixed to handle large multi-frame CANTP2.0 response packets for J2534 hardware

VAG Support (Audi / VW / Bentley)

  • Added MY20 coverage
  • Added SEAT and Skoda vehicle support into our VAG coverage
  • Added an option for '08 - Measuring Blocks' to the Functional Test for KWP1281, KWP2000, and CAN TP2.0 modules
  • Added more internal table support for older Non-UDS modules:
  • Adaptions, Basic Settings, Long Coding, Soft Coding and Output Tests
  • Added VIN retrieval on KWP1281-based vehicles
  • Fixed test name formatting for Adaptions and Basic Settings functional tests
  • Implemented pulling the ECU Init Data for KWP1281 protocol for the J2534 hardware (requires J2534 firmware update)
  • Implemented work around fixed to handle large multi-frame CANTP2.0 response packets for J2534 hardware
  • Improved KWP2000 Module initialization support for J2534 hardware
  • Improved KWP1281 communication stability for J2534 hardware
  • If sensor descriptions are available for a connected module (KWP1281, KWP2000, or a CAN TP2.0) we will only show those sensors in the sensor list, not the entire possibly sensor grouping list

Toyota / Lexus / Scion

  • Added Rav4 EV 12 - 14MY full model support
  • Fixed Lexus UX VIN decoding incorrectly


  • Improved Generic OBDII compatibility on J2534 devices and pre-CAN vehicles
  • Fixed Freeze Frame not working on J2534 devices and pre-CAN vehicles