Opus IVS™ Releases IVSWizard 2.0™ Customizable Scanning Workflow for Collision Repairers

Opus IVS™ Releases IVSWizard 2.0™ Customizable Scanning Workflow for Collision Repairers

Opus IVS to Introduce IVSWizard at SEMA Booth #35069

Opus IVS™, a global diagnostic scanning, ADAS calibration, programming and support resource leader that is pioneering the future of safe complex vehicle repair, announced today that it will introduce IVSWizard 2.0™, a patent pending safety and productivity feature with its DriveSafe™ and ScanSafe™ diagnostic tools for the collision repair market. The new version of IVSWizard was developed based on industry feedback to provide relevant information to guide repairers on scanning decisions for Quickscan and True-OE™ OEM certified collision program scanning. IVSWizard detects ADAS technology on a vehicle and provides suggestions to repairers based on vehicle damage, technology equipped, shop OE certifications and much more. More details on the IVS Wizard and DriveSafe and ScanSafe will be available at the Opus IVS SEMA Booth #35069.

IVSWizard incorporates a pre-configured decision tree that presents users with guidance on scanning and allows users to make the ultimate decision. Shops can modify guidelines in the workflow based on their own operating procedures. This helps promote consistent vehicle scanning decision-making at shop level. IVSWizard workflow utilizes many configurable rules to deliver intelligent scan guidance.

Collision repairers will benefit from IVSWizard because it leads to more consistent scanning and     makes sure that complex repairs get True-OE™ scans. It improves insurer reimbursement by documenting the scanning decision process. IVSWizard also leads to safer repairs through consistent use of shop-managed scan workflow.

According to Brian Herron, Opus IVS President, “We are really excited about IVSWizard 2.0. Based on feedback from MSOs and independent shops that wanted to drive more consistency in scanning decisions, this updated version goes beyond our original IVS Wizard released in 2018 and provides more sophisticated scan guidance. We took customer feedback to build a framework that any shop can use or customize to their own standard operating procedures and workflow.”  

Herron added, “Our patent pending IVSWizard represents the next generation of safety and productivity in complex vehicle repair for collision shops. It provides real-time information on relevant scanning factors to help technicians choose between aftermarket QuickScan and True-OE™ scanning, thus helping to support the right scan for the situation. Our solutions provide the capability for self-directed aftermarket QuickScan™, OEM-endorsed scanning, programming and ADAS calibrations backed by live diagnostic support to complete a quality repair – all coupled with the ability to easily document the results through CCC software integration.”  

Opus IVS, formerly known as Drew Technologies, is a tested and proven diagnostic scanning, calibration, programming and support resource for collision shops. Its industry-leading DriveSafe™ and ScanSafe™ diagnostic scan tools help collision shops improve cycle time while performing aftermarket pre-, in-process and post-scans, OE scanning, flash programming and ADAS calibrations.

For more information about Opus IVS DriveSafe™ and ScanSafe™, now featuring IVSWizard™, and the company’s industry-leading aftermarket QuickScan™ and OE scanning solutions, visit https://www.opusivs.com/products/collision-solutions/drivesafe

About Opus IVS

Opus IVS is the Intelligent Vehicle Support division of Opus Group, formed through the
merging of industry-leading companies DrewTech, Autologic, Farsight, BlueLink and
AutoEnginuity to develop innovative automotive solutions for more than 50,000 repair shops and dealerships worldwide, giving them the confidence to get the most complex vehicles back on the road safely and fast. Opus IVS develops industry-leading OEM endorsed diagnostic technology with over 60 patents pending related to remote flash programming, pre- and post-repair scanning, remote technical support, ADAS calibrations and vehicle network technology. The Opus IVS remote technical support connects the shop with 100+ brand-specific Master Technicians to help interpret trouble codes, review OEM service procedures and provide diagnostic assistance directly through the tool. Opus IVS is a division of Opus Group. Opus Group has over 2,600 employees, 34 offices globally and connects to 30M vehicles per year for OBD testing.

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