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Latest News

BMW/MINI,E90,2008 BMW | 07 April 2021
07 April 2021
2008 BMW E90 328xi 6-Cylinder N51 Engine

Vehicle was brought in with a concern of rough running. Step one on any diagnosis is to confirm the complaint during a complete test drive. During the test drive, the engine feels like one or more cylinders is misfiring. There is also a steady check engine light.

NEWS,Featured | 29 October 2020
29 October 2020
Opus IVS introduces ScanSafe™

DETROIT, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Opus IVS, formerly DrewTech, announces today the availability of a new collision scanning solution, ScanSafe™.  ScanSafe is a comprehensive scanning solution that brings together OEM scanning, aftermarket quick scanning, calibration, programming, and live diagnostic support through a consistent user interface that integrates into the existing workflow of CCC ONE® Platform users, making it easy to conduct pre-scans, in-process scans, and post-repair scans. Scan results and invoices will flow back into CCC ONE.  

NEWS | 26 August 2019
26 August 2019
Opus’ IVS division acquires Bluelink

On August 23, 2019, Drew Technologies, Inc., part the IVS division of Opus Group AB (publ), acquired BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions, a leading vehicle diagnostics provider.

Software Updates

DrivePro ES,Honda/Acura,ScanSafe,DriveSafe,i-HDS,RAP Kit | 28 July 2021
28 July 2021
Honda is Now Charging a License Fee to Access i-HDS Software

Honda is now charging a License Fee when any party accesses the Honda i-HDS software for diagnostics, OEM scanning, ADAS calibration, or flash programming. The license fee is $45 per VIN, which includes 30 days of use on that specific vehicle. As a result, Opus IVS will pass the $45 charge from Honda through at cost to customers with a DrivePro ES, Farsight, DriveSafe, ScanSafe, or RAP Kit whenever incurred on the following services: Honda OE Pre or Post Scan Honda RAP Programming/Flash Honda RAP Flash Availability Check Honda  ADAS Calibrations Honda IVS 360 Support service (only when Honda i-HDS is needed) For Mechanical Customers - DrivePro ES, Farsight, RAP Kit, and ProAssist: This i-HDS license fee will go into effect for all services performed on or after August 1, 2021.   For Collision Customers - DriveSafe & ScanSafe: This i-HDS license fee will go into effect for all services performed on or after August 1, 2021. Any time the $45 fee is charged, Opus IVS will include a line item on the retail insurance invoice for the $45 Honda License.

DrivePro ES,BlueBox,AssistPlus,Jaguar | 17 February 2021
17 February 2021
VAG 3.127.18 Software Release

Jaguar 3.65.7 has been released on BlueBox, AssistPlus and DrivePro ES.

DrivePro ES,BMW/MINI,GM Family,Jaguar/Land Rover,Toyota/Lexus,Honda/Acura,Mazda,Nissan/Infiniti,VW/Audi,FCA,Mercedes-Benz | 11 February 2021
11 February 2021
DrivePro ES Multi-brand Software Release 19.0.2105

Software Improvements:

Technical Articles

Technical articles | 01 October 2021
01 October 2021
Mazda DPF Light flashing

Affected Vehicles Mazda Mazda 6 (2007 - 2012) | 2.2 D CX7 (2006 - 2012) | 2.2 D Mazda 3 (2008 - 2013) | 2.2 D   Symptoms 1. Timing chain rattle on start up 2. DPF Light flashing Faults P1336 - Camshaft Crankshaft sensor range performance PCM - Engine Control Module Possible Causes 1. Timing chain stretched or loose Timing chain set up   Repair Steps 1. Connect diagnostic tool Read out DTC for engine. If P1336 is set and the DPF light is flashing while the engine is running, check the timing chain as below. 2. Remove valve cover Once the valve cover is removed the timing chain, camshaft gears and valve train will be exposed. Valve cover removed   3. Check timing chain tension Check the timing chain for any slack by pushing on the chain on the tension side. No slack should be felt.   Checking timing chain tension 4. If any slack is felt then the timing chain kit will need to be replaced It is advisable to replace the oil pump chain at the same time.   Tools Required Various hand tools Diagnostic tester Want to find out how IVS 360TM can support your workshop? Get in touch!  

Technical articles | 23 September 2021
23 September 2021
Mercedes-Benz Non Start &/Or Eco Stop/Start Not Working

Models Affected

Technical articles | 15 September 2021
15 September 2021
VW Golf V with a DPF fault

Affected Vehicles:

Press Releases

27 August 2021 | 15:08 PM
Opus IVS Surpasses 1 Million Collision Safety Scans
01 April 2020 | 21:04 PM
OPUS | IVS proudly announces the launch of a major multi-carline software release.
11 January 2020 | 10:01 AM
Opus IVS Acquires AutoEnginuity