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    Jaguar/Land Rover: Electrical System Theory & Troubleshooting

    Thursday, September 14, 2023 7:00-8:00PM EST

    Course description: This electrifying online course will outline the power management system in modern JLR vehicles. Charging system control strategies and electrical system configuration will be the highlight. The instructor will discuss the electrical supply distribution while overviewing pattern failures & taking a detailed look into the troubleshooting techniques for said systems.  


    Topic Points:

    • Electrical system management
    • Charging system control strategies
    • Power distribution
    • Pattern failures & troubleshooting techniques
    Alan Pham

    Instructor: Alan Pham

    Alan started his career restoring classic Ford and Chevrolet vehicles, as well as working on performance builds. During this time, he was also working as a diagnostic technician for an independent workshop. He then moved on to join the Jaguar Land Rover Dealer network where he honed his skills and became a JLR superstar. Alan is currently working as Jaguar Land Rover tech support specialist for OPUS IVS and call center manager.

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