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07.11.23 - Mastering Hyundai/Kia Diagnostics & Service

Tuesday July 11, 2023 7:00-8:00PM EST

Course description: With this course we will look into technology information, tools, and service information used to aid in diagnosis. We will go over general diagnosis of Hyundai & Kia vehicles. Including, how to find information with guided testing within the service resources. We will also cover basic electrical schematic layout and diagram understanding. With completion of this course, we will have a hopeful goal of better understanding in Hyundai & Kia terminologies and vehicle layout.


Topic Points:

    • Tools, resources, and service information understanding
    • DTC analysis and testing guidance
    • Electrical schematic understanding and guidance
    • Basic vehicle layout and location

Webinar Presenter:

Joshua Meyers - Hyundai and Kia

Joshua Meyers

Master Technician

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