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Vauxhall Added To RAP & Remote Services

Software Updates
POSTED 20 September 2021

Vauxhall Added To RAP & Remote Services


We are very pleased to announce that we have now added Vauxhall to our RAP and Remote Services offering!shutterstock_666188917

The Vauxhall offering brings an additional 1000 functions for you to utilise - meaning we can now offer you over 12,000 Individual Remote Service functions across a wide range of vehicle brands!

The new Vauxhall coverage includes Diagnostics, Adaptions, Coding, Programming and ADAS functions for a number of models, including for Astra, Insignia and Corsa.

So, whether you need ABS Control Module Programming on an Astra, or your Keys Coding on your Corsa, you can let our Brand-Specialist Remote Services Support Team do the programming for you with results guaranteed!

You can now search all Remote Services Functions online! SEARCH RAP COVERAGE

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Speak to the RAP team via IVS 360™, contact your local distributor, or call us directly on +44 (0) 1865 870 050

Scheduling a RAP Session Is Easy With The DrivePro Elite Diagnostic Kit

Opus IVS RAP and Remote Services eliminates the uncertainty of programming DrivePRO-Home_1080x607modules yourself, and allows you to move on to other vehicles waiting in your workshop - ultimately saving you time and money.

RAP & Remote Services are available on-demand for all DrivePro and DrivePro Elite Diagnostic Kit customers.

Included in the Kit:

  • DrivePro & Autocom for 60+ vehicle brand coverage
  • Request a RAP session directly from your DrivePro device
  • PicoScope 7 Software
  • Unlimited IVS 360™ live diagnostic support
  • Second Microsoft Surface GO Tablet pre-installed with Autocom

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