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Software Update: VAG 3.130.12

Software Updates
POSTED 14 May 2022

Software Update: VAG 3.130.12

VAG 3.130.12 has been released and post release testing completed on DrivePro, AssistPlus and Blue Box.

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Improvements include:

  • Added Adapt Fuel Pressure Regulation Valve for Audi A4 CAGA engine
  • Added Adaptation for Reset Learned Values for the High-Pressure Pump
    • CRCA
    • CJMA
    • CJGD
    • CDUC
    • CNRB
    • 7P Touareg 2010>
    • 7P Touareg USA 2010>
  • Added Control Unit Functions for Audi A5 CNCD engine on T15
  • Added DPF Regeneration to Q7 2016 CZZA engine
  • Improved Touran DPF Regeneration
  • Improved VW11 CFFB DPF Regeneration
  • Improved Coolant Temperature dynamic read for 5G Golf Vent Coolant System function
  • Improved A3 DPF Regeneration
  • Improved Quick Test fault code display
  • Improved navigation when exiting UDS Coding
  • Improved Audi Q5 DPF Regeneration
  • Improved Adapt Particulate Filter Learned Values
    • A3 Passat
    • Golf Cabriolet
    • 52 Golf plus
    • 5K Golf
    • 7P Touareg 2010
    • 5N Tiguan 2008
    • Eos
    • 1T Touran 2011
    • Scirocco 2009
    • 35 Passat CC
    • 36 Passat
    • 7N Sharan 2011
  • Added Transmission Reset Gearbox Oil Temperature Counter for Audi A5 2008 0B5 gearbox 2010 onwards
  • Added Transmission Basic Settings for Audi Q7 2007 0CB gearbox
  • Added Transmission Clutch Adaptation for Audi Q7 2007 0CB gearbox
  • Added Parking Brake functions for 7P Touareg
  • Added SCR Reset The Start Lock-out function for Touareg CVWA engine
  • Improved Fuel Pump activation function for 7P - TOUAREG 2010>
  • Added fault description for TIGUAN 2016 Engine fault code 318(P013E)
  • Added Steering Assistance control unit functions for 6C Polo
  • Improved Module Information
  • Improved SEAT Basic Settings
  • Added Generic brake pad replacement functions
  • Improved KW6000 logging on DrivePro
  • Added manual security entry in Basic Settings
  • Added DPF Regeneration to Skoda Kodiaq
  • Added Trailer Retrofit for Skoda Superb 2016
  • Improved navigation on entry to 6R Polo


1. Ensure you have a WiFi connection
2. From the home screen select the 'updater' icon
3. From the list provided, select your update
4. Wait for the download to complete
5. The updater wheel will notify you once complete

You can also see Daily Builds on DrivePro by clicking 'Updater' and scrolling down to the pre-release 'Daily Builds'


1. Ensure you have a WiFi connection

2. Press Settings > Updates > Check for Updates

3. When prompted, press Download Updates

4. Wait for the download to complete

5. Press Restart

Blue Box

1. Go to autologic.com > Login > Downloads, or

2. Access the latest updates from AutoLink