Software Update: BMW 3.194.7 and CIP 3.95.4

Software Updates
POSTED 19 April 2021

Software Update: BMW 3.194.7 and CIP 3.95.4

We are pleased to announce a new software update for BMW 3.194.7 and CIP 3.95.4 is available on your Opus IVS device.
Improvements include:



  • Maintenance update of CIP to latest version Jan 2021
  • Added 1 Series
  • Added 4 Series
  • Added X6 G06
  • Added F39 X2
  • Improved flash programming for FZD and VDC control units

 BMW 194shutterstock_1125450998_BMW_SMALL

  • New Models
    • G22/G23 4 Series Coupe/Convertible
    • G06/F96 X6/X6M
    • F95 X5M
    • F97 X3M
    • F98 X4M
    • New models get DTC, Quick Test, Service Reset, Live Data, Actuations and CIP
  • MY2021 Support: New variants added.
  • Battery and Aux 24v Battery Exchange Function for G Series Models
  • Registration of the auxiliary starter motor battery for F and G series PHEV models
  • Clear Adaptations and VANOS Reset N18 Engine
  • Clear Adaptations N16 Engine
  • N57 EGR adaptation function E7x 40d variant
  • EGR test for N47 engines
  • Headlight Initialisation Tms3
  • Injector Differentiation N20, N55, S55, N63, S63 Engines
  • Service adaptation reset for Exhaust emission system (without SCR components), Fuel system, Air-mass system and SCR exhaust emission system on DDE variants D70BX7A0 and D83BX7C0
  • SCR: Switch Off Scenario / Reset N47, N57, B57 Engines
  • Teach in Neutral Position F56
  • Valvetronic Adaptation Limit Positions N55 Engine

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