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Land Rover 3.98.16 Software Update

Software Updates
POSTED 8 May 2021

Land Rover 3.98.16 Software Update


Land Rover 3.98.16 has been released on DrivePro, AssistPlus and Blue Box.



New Features:

  • Fluid level check added to Discovery 4 (L319) MY2014 onwards
  • Engines added to Range Rover Sport (L494) MY2016
  • Battery replacement function added to:
    • Range Rover (L405) MY2016
    • Range Rover Sport (L494) MY2016
    • Range Rover Evoque (L538) MY2016-2017
    • Discovery Sport (L550) MY2015-2017
  • Quiescent CCM internal check added to:
    • Range Rover Evoque (L538) MY2017
  • Coding functions added for Gear Shift Module for Range Rover Evoque MY2014-2015:
    • On-Demand Self Test
    • VIN learn
  • End Of Line test added to:
    • Range Rover (L405) MY2013-2016
    • Range Rover Sport (L494) MY2014-2016
  • Chassis Control Module functions added to Range Rover (L405) MY2016 and Range Rover Sport (L494) MY2016:
    • Tight tolerance mode
    • Air suspension inflation
    • Air suspension deflation
    • Air suspension build mode
    • Geometry setup
    • Height calibration
  • TPMS tyre pressure sensor replacement and tyre pressure monitor sensor id display added to:
    • Range Rover (L405) MY2016
    • Range Rover Sport (L494) MY2016
    • Range Rover Evoque (L538) MY2016
    • Discovery Sport (L550) MY2015-2017
  • New service functions added to Range Rover Evoque (L538) MY2017:
    • All Wheel Drive System
      • All wheel drive system bleed
      • System flush
    • Body Systems
      • Roof blind calibration
      • Sun roof calibration
      • Valet mode reset
      • Tailgate calibration
      • Lock steering tune to vehicle
      • Ignition cycle counter reset


    • Brake Systems
      • ABS configuration clear
      • Apply and release electric parking brake
      • Exit maintenance mode application
      • Parking brake activation
      • Pressure sensor calibration
      • Release to service position
      • Steering angle sensor calibration
    • Entertainment System
      • Activate test picture
    • Heating and ventilation
      • Stepper motor initialisation
      • Actuators end stop detection
      • Auxiliary heater priming routine
      • Reprogram all stepper motors
      • Run in air conditioning compressor
      • Climate seat unlock
      • Reset air conditioning compressor
      • Auxiliary heater operation check
    • Lighting
      • Headlamp control module system calibration
      • Automatic high beam camera calibration
    • Seats
      • Driver’s seat calibration
      • Passenger’s seat calibration
    • Telematics
      • Server communication request
      • Pre-activate telematics control unit
      • Activate telematics control unit
      • Network registration status
      • Telematics operational mode
      • Telematics battery replacement reset


·         Further improvements on DoIP communication on Bluebox and AssistPlus

·         Improvements for PBM functions.

·         Improvements for Turbine Shut-Off Valve on Range Rover Evoque (L538) MY2012 – 2013

·         Improvements for service reset functions.

·         Improvements on security for GWM functions.

·         Improvements on communication with infotainment modules for vehicle MY2016 onwards

·         Improvements on KVM programming for Discovery 4 (L319) and Range Rover Sport (L494)

·         Fix issue with Security Learn function under Telematics Control Unit for Range Rover Evoque (L538) MY2014-2015

·         Fix issue with PCM Adaption Clear function for Discovery Sport (L550) MY2015-2016