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Domestic & Asian 19.2.2127 Software Update

Software Updates
POSTED 14 August 2022

Domestic & Asian 19.2.2127 Software Update

Drive Server 19.2.2127 has been released and post-release testing completed on DrivePro, DrivePro ES, DriveSafe and ScanSafe. This is a Domestic and Asian release which includes additional functionality and coverage for the legacy brands.


Improvements include:

  • BMW / MINI / Rolls-Royce
    • Added CBS 6 for 21MY Vehicles
    • Added PAD Mode Enable for F Series and G Series vehicles
    • Updated DTC definitions for UDS modules
  • Chrysler-family
    • Finalized 21MY support
    • Added TCM Var 60 support (i.e., Dodge Dart 1.4 Liter '13)
    • Added Transmission entry for Jeep Wrangler '06
  • Fiat / Alfa Romeo
    • Finalized 21MY support
    • Added ECM ISO 0001504018 support (i.e., Alfa Romeo Giulia '18)


  • Ford-family
    • Added 21MY Bronco Sport support
    • Added more 21MY support

  • GM-Family
    • Adaptive Pressure Control Learn
    • Brake Pedal Position Sensor Learn
    • Brake Pressure Sensor Calibration
    • Clear Drive Window Learned Values
    • Clear Left Rear Window Learned Values
    • Clear Passenger Window Learned Values
    • Clear Right Rear Window Learned Values
    • Engine Oil Life Reset
    • Fuel Trim Learn
    • HVAC Actuators Learn
    • Idle Learn Reset
    • Passenger Presence Sensor Learn
    • Range Actuator Learn
    • Steering Position Sensor Learn
    • Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Learn
    • Engine Oil Life Reset
    • Yaw Rate Sensor Learn
    • Finalized 21MY support
    • Added specific system test entries for the following tests that provide test status sensors when supported:
    • Added Pressurize and Depressurize System for the Suspension Control Module (i.e., Cadillac XTS '15)
    • Updated Engine VIN Decoding tables for MY21 vehicles


  • Honda / Acura
    • Added missing Acura TLX '21 system support: Electric Servo Brake System And Parking Assist System
    • Added Front Camera CAN Module to the Honda Accord '13+
    • Added Honda CRV Hybrid model support
    • Added Honda Clarity VIN decoding
    • Added CAN-based Active Damper System support
    • Added IMA Motor, IMA Battery, and Electro Servo Brake system for the Honda Clarity
    • Updated ABS Bosch support for the Acura MDX to include MY09


  • Hyundai / Kia
    • Initialization Of Engine Clutch Inspection
    • Remove Air From Engine Clutch Hydraulic Pressure Line
    • Engine Clutch Motor Resolver Adaptation
    • Stabilization Of Engine Clutch Hardware Transfer Torque
    • Stabilization Of Hydraulic Oil Flow Of Engine Clutch
    • Improved 21MY support
    • Added Niro / Ioniq HCU LDC SW Management functions:
    • Added Palisade / Telluride SW Management BSD Radar Calibration
    • Added Theta III 2.xL Enhanced Powertrain CAN system support
  • Land Rover
    • ABS Configuration Clear
    • Pressure Sensor Calibration
    • Steering Angle Sensor Calibration
    • Calibrate Electric Park Brake
    • Apply And Release Electric Park Brake
    • Release To Service Position
    • Exit Maintenance Mode
    • Added ABS System Functions for 18MY+ Discovery, Discover Sport, Evoque, Ranger Rover, and Velar:
    • Added Camera Calibration for Image Processing Module 'A' forward camera setup
    • Added Dynamic Seat Belt Retract And Release for Seat PreTensioner Module
    • Added Seat Occupancy Reset System Function for Restraint Occupancy Sensor Control
    • Added Power Steering Soft-Lock End Stops Reset Routine for Power Steering Control Module
    • Added missing Height Sensor voltage sensors to Headlamp Control A Module
    • Improved connectivity to Restraint Occupancy Sensor Control systems


  • Mercedes-Benz
    • Added Coverage for MY21 CLS Chassis
    • Added Coverage for MY21 GLC Chassis
  • Nissan / Infiniti
    • Improved 21MY support
    • Added QX55 22MY support
  • Porsche
    • Coolant bleed for 991 and 981 engines
    • Air Conditioning Servo Motor Teaching
    • Engine Oil Filling
    • Engine Rough Running Test
    • TPMS Teach Wheel Sensors
    • Adaptive Cruise Control Alignment Procedure system test (Panamera 971, 992)
    • Front Camera Calibration system test for the Front Camera system and Onboard Camera system (992, Macan, Panamera 971)
    • Lane Change Calibration system test
    • Rearview Camera Calibration system test
    • Added Adaptive Cruise Control 2 (Left Sensor) system support
    • Added new System Tests:
    • ADAS support in BETA:
    • Updated the DTC Descriptions for the Cayenne V6T and V8T Engine variants
    • Changed the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) module to Adaptive Cruise Control (Master / Right Sensor)
  • VAG (Audi / VW / Bentley / Skoda / SEAT)
    • Information Control Unit
    • Right Rear Door Control Unit
    • Special Function 2
    • Adaptive Cruise Control Static Calibration
    • Adaptive Cruise Control Alignment Procedure
    • Camera Calibration system test for the Front Sensors Driver Assistance System and Onboard Camera
    • Lane Change Calibration
    • Rearview Camera Calibration
    • AUDI A3 2013> CRLB, CLHA, CRBC
    • Fabia 2015> All Diesel
    • Octavia 2013> All Diesel
    • Superb 2016> All Diesel
    • 3G Passat All Diesel
    • Golf 7 All Diesel
    • AUDI A6 2011-2018 Engine codes: CNHA, CSUD, CSUE, DDCA, DDCB, DDDA, CGLC, CGLD, CGLE, CMGB
    • AUDI A3 2013> CRLB, CLHA, CRBC
    • Added Brake Pad Replacement for UDS-based module variants
    • Added missing sensor grouping lists the for the following systems (Bentley Mulsanne '13):
    • Added BETA ADAS System Tests support:
    • Updated model VIN decoding (i.e., A1)
    • Added Static DPF Regeneration for:
    • Added DPF Regeneration when driving for:


Updating Your Device

1. Ensure you have a WiFi connection
2. From the home screen select the 'updater' icon
3. From the list provided, select your update
4. Wait for the download to complete
5. The updater wheel will notify you once complete

You can also see Daily Builds on DrivePro by clicking 'Updater' and scrolling down to the pre-release 'Daily Builds'


1. Ensure you have a WiFi connection

2. Press Settings > Updates > Check for Updates

3. When prompted, press Download Updates

4. Wait for the download to complete

5. Press Restart


1. Go to autologic.com > Login > Downloads, or

2. Access the latest updates from AutoLink