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Drive Server 19.1.2115 Software Update

Software Updates
POSTED 8 May 2021

Drive Server 19.1.2115 Software Update

Drive Server 19.1.2115 for DrivePro Domestic & Asian (EU), has been released and post-release testing completed.



    • Added Clear Variant, Reset TCU Variant, and EEPROM system tests for theDrivePRO-Home_1080x607 TCM Var 09 module (i.e. Dodge Nitro '11)
  • Added the sending of the system reset command for CAN-based tests, if we get a failure when trying to send the start command. This is done just in-case the module accepted it but we had some issue causing it to fail we make sure the command in this case has been cancelled.
  • Added newly released MY21 coverage for:
  • Chrysler 300
  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Durango
  • Jeep Renegade


Ford / Lincoln / Mercury

  • Added 21MY support



  • Added Cadillac CT4 and CT5 to the model list
  • Added entry for the Chevrolet Aveo '13
  • Added Fuel Composition Reset actuation to the 4.8 Liter L20 (A) '11-'13 engine
  • Added Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Learn and Torque Sensor Calibration actuation for the Chevrolet Malibu '04
  • Added support for Global-B vehicles:
  • CT4 '20+
  • CT5 '20+
  • Corvette '20+
  • Escalade '21+
  • Suburban '21+
  • Tahoe '21+
  • Yukon '21+
  • Global-B modules not supported at this time:
  • Chassis Control Module - Auxiliary (CAN-FD)
  • Right Front Seat Back Video Display (DOIP)
  • Fixed injector coding for the 6.6 Liter L5P engine


Honda / Acura

  • Added Front Camera Module system for the Honda Civic '14+ and Honda Insight '19+
  • Added Calibrate All sensors for the ABS Type 4 module (i.e. Honda Accord '10)
  • Added the possible conditions why the ISO-based ABS controller failed the Calibrate All sensors.
  • Added Active Damper system to the Honda Civic support list
  • Added Auto Multi-Camera Aiming system test for the Multi-View Camera And Parking Assist System
  • Fixed an issue where older transmission actuations weren't showing up for older vehicles ISO vehicles
  • Fixed the ABS communication issue with the Acura MDX '16, Honda Accord Hybrid '16'-17, and Acura ILX 16+
  • Updated the instructions for the IDAS Radar Aim system test in replacing 'Radar' with 'reflector/target'
  • SWS Initialization will now specificaly display only the SWS CAN Initialization system test if it's supported on the currently connected SRS CAN module


Hyundai / Kia

  • Added Camera Image Correction SW Management support for Rear View Monitor
  • Added Service Reminder Setting SW Management support for CLU
  • Finalized 21MY support



  • Added MY21 Coverage


Land Rover

  • Added MY21 Coverage
  • Added Defender L663 Coverage



  • Added reset support of all Learned Values for 21MY engines


Nissan / Infiniti

  • Fixed QX60 2013 missing from coverage table
  • Fixed BCM Rev11 showing Historical codes with the Past codes list



  • Added Engine Slave system for the Cayenne (92A)
  • Cleaned up Enhanced Powertrain sensors for the 992
  • Fixed module information retrieval for the network system test when using ProLine Hardware



  • Added support to show all controllers during DTC All check
  • Fixed Driver Monitor, Push Keyless Access Start, Push Keyless Access Collation not pull past DTCs
  • Finalized 21MY support
  • Removed FFD support from product until it can be resolved [NOTE: OCC still has History code support]


Toyota / Lexus / Scion

  • Added TVD Utilities CheckMode and Learning Value Initialization
  • Improved Front Beam Axis Adjustment for Camry 20MY
  • Fixed issue with J2534 devices not updating Generic OBDII data
  • Fixed Front Beam Axis Misalignment Reading not reporting the correct error value
  • Fixed missing Back Door DTCs


VAG (Audi / VW / Bentley / Skoda / SEAT)

  • Added 29Bit CAN addressing support for the Engine and Transmission
  • Added new system sensor support for the Bentley Bentayga '19
  • Updated the vehicle body code support for MY21 vehicles
  • Updated VIN decoding for Skoda and SEAT
  • Fixed when reading and clearing DTCs on Bentley where we where missing detecting a module even though we successfully found as a CAN TP2.0 module due to a CAN TP1.6 attempt