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Renault Spanner Light & Check Parking Brake Warnings On IPC

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POSTED 16 August 2022

Renault Spanner Light & Check Parking Brake Warnings On IPC

Affected Vehicles:

Renault Scenic 3 (2008 - 2013) | All with electronic parking brake


Possible Causes:

1. The wiring at the left or right rear brake caliper is broken or damaged.


Repair Steps:

1. Carry out diagnostic scan on the parking brake control unit and check for fault codes

Warning text will take place of the mileage display (circled) and the spanner light (circled) will also come on. If faults relating to the rear calipers are seen proceed with the checks in this document.

Instrument panel warnings

Instrument panel warnings

2. Put car on lift and inspect rear electronic brake caliper wiring for chaffing corrosion and broken wires at the connection to the caliper

Brake caliper area to check

Brake caliper area to check


3. If any damage is seen order repair loom

Caliper wiring repair harness

Caliper wiring repair harness


4. Replace one or both wiring harnesses depending on the checks

The soldering sleeves on each wire should be offset by 2 cm and the repair should be made inside the vehicle past the body grommet.

5. Clear fault codes and check operation of the parking brake


Parts Required:

  • Caliper wiring repair harness (82 01 625 545)

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