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Hyundai with central locking problems

Software Updates
POSTED 16 August 2022

Hyundai with central locking problems




This issue affects all models across the Hyundai range from model year 2000 onwards.


  • A door may fail to lock or unlock from the central locking.
  • This can also affect the boot lid or tailgate unlocking.


Possible Faults:

  • If any door will neither lock nor unlock, sometimes this can also stop the boot/tailgate from unlocking.


A door actuator has stopped working, which could be an intermittent or permanent fault.

The faulty door actuator will need replacing, if the boot/tailgate also fails to unlock at the same time of the door actuator fault, there is no issue with the boot/tailgate latch, just not seeing the unlock signal from that door actuator.

The door actuator can be affected by weather conditions or just the internal electronical moving parts worn.

The actuator might do nothing, click once but not operate or the actuator might bounce, Even slow operation is a sign of the actuator failing.

Although this is mainly a Hyundai issue, some Kia models are also affected, as they share some of the same components.



The central locking is controlled by either the body control module (BCM) or electronic time and alarm control system (ETACM), the relays are in the I/P junction box under dash fuse box.

All door actuators have a lock motor that reverses polarity lock and unlock, some will also have a dead lock motor which has separate control, but still reverses polarity.

Also, a status switch reporting back to the BCM or ETACS module when a latch is locked or unlocked.

 A simple diagram of a Hyundai power locking system.

New Actuators from Hyundai are now modified but are still prone to worn internal moving parts.

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