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Renault Clio 2 Non-Start / Just Cranks Over.

Technical Article
POSTED 14 August 2022

Renault Clio 2 Non-Start / Just Cranks Over.

Affected Vehicles


Renault: Clio 2 (2003 - 2006) | All D4F 712 petrol engines



1. Non-start just cranks over.

Engine warning light may display on IPC.


1. No communication with engine ECU.


Possible Causes

1. Possible corroded or broken wire to the fuel pump relay from the engine ECU.

  • The output from this relay powers fuel pump and ignition coil.
  • May not hear fuel pump priming when ignition is turned on.
  • No spark at ignition coil.


Repair Steps


1. Scan engine ecu with diagnostic tool and attempt communication.

  • If no communication or intermittent communication proceed as below;

2. Check fuses in engine bay fuse/relay box.

  • See manufacturers wiring information.

3. Check for ignition live at relay B.

  • Fuel pump relay is designated relay B and is in engine bay fuse/relay box.

4. Check for battery feed at relay B.


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5. Check for switched ground at relay B.


6. If no switched earth check wiring from relay back to the engine ECU.

  • See manufacturers wiring for the above information.
  • Usual issues are corrosion on this wire causing a high resistance and therefore a decrease in current or this wire is open circuit.

7. Repair or replace wire depending on the damage.


8. Scan engine ECU with diagnostic tool ensure communication and no faults.

  • Test vehicle and ensure it starts.