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Audi Yellow Warning Light Displayed On IPC.

Technical Article
POSTED 14 August 2022

Audi Yellow Warning Light Displayed On IPC.

Affected Vehicles


All (2000 - )


All (2000 - )


All (2000 - )


All (2000 - )



1. Yellow oil level light shows on cluster, but oil level shows correct on dipstick


Possible Causes:

1. The vehicle electronics, convenient module or central electronics module, must see the bonnet switch condition as open for at least 20 seconds and then closed again to be able to re-evaluate the oil level.



Yellow oil level warning

Repair Steps


1. Check and Ensure that the oil level is correct

Preferably check the oil level after the engine had been switched off for a couple of hours.

2. Connect your Opus IVS diagnostic tool

3. If live data is not plausible:

  • Locate bonnet latch
  • Look for latch micro switch
  • Ensure that latch activates micro switch


Latch and micro switch


4. Test micro switch using multimeter

  • Unplug micro switch 2 pin connector
  • Using a multimeter check for continuity between pins when bonnet is closed, latch clipped in and open circuit when latch is open


2 pin connector


5. Following the diagnostic steps

With the above guide it is possible to determine if the micro switch, wiring or oil level sensor is faulty.



Oil level sensor location      Oil level sensor             Micro switch


6. Go to convenience system, or central electronics module.


7. Read out the live data from bonnet latch micro switch

It must show closed when closed open when open.

Tools Required

  • Multimeter
  • Various hand tools
  • Opus IVS diagnostic tool